Automotive Fraud

Protecting South Florida Car Buyers from Consumer Fraud

While buying a car, you might consider such important matters as cost, safety, maintenance, functionality and resale value. However, these factors may be hard to calculate when the car dealer is dishonest. Unfortunately, fraud in the auto industry is shockingly common.

The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. is an experienced consumer rights law firm in Fort Lauderdale.  When you purchase a new or used vehicle, you have the right to know exactly what you are buying and under what terms.  If the car dealer committed odometer fraud, made false statements or lied on your loan application, you may have a cause of action to recover damages. Our lawyers hold car dealers accountable for fraudulent practices and aggressively pursues the remedies you are entitled to, which may include damages, possession of your vehicle or credit relief.

Odometer Fraud

Vehicular mileage affects the vehicle’s value. By rolling back the odometer, a car dealer can negotiate a higher price. You can rarely tell immediately that roll back occurred, especially if the vehicle’s appearance seems consistent with the odometer reading. However, the vehicle is worth less because of the added miles, and the increased wear and tear may require more costly maintenance than a newer vehicle. Our Fort Lauderdale consumer advocates investigate whether a dealer tampered with your car’s odometer and we work to hold the perpetrators accountable for odometer fraud.

Fraudulent Dealership Statements

The stereotype of a car dealer is a flashy fast-talker. However, a salesperson breaks the law when he or she crosses the line from puffery to deceit. Various Florida and federal statutes regulate automobile advertising which encompasses television commercials, print ads and on-site banners and stickers. Under these laws, the auto dealer is prohibited from misstating facts about the vehicle in order to induce someone to buy a car or enter into a lease agreement.  All contracts must be written in clear, conspicuous language. Our legal team works vigorously to hold dealers to their duty of honesty.

Subprime Loans

The collapse of the subprime mortgage market left many homeowners in substantial debt and in foreclosure.  In response, lawmakers passed strict regulations to protect borrowers. Now the fraudulent subprime practice has shifted to the automobile market. Dealers know that everybody needs a car in South Florida and offer loans with excessive interest rates and poor terms to buyers with low credit scores and a high risk of default. If an auto dealer falsified your credit application or used other deceptive practices to facilitate a sale, our law firm can help you recover damages and protect your property and credit.

Protect Your Rights to Fair Dealings When You Buy a Car

The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. protects your rights if a South Florida car dealer scammed you through a false statement, misleading contract, odometer rollback, loan fraud other deceptive practice.  Call (954) 462-8340 to schedule a free consultation at our Fort Lauderdale consumer rights firm to learn more about your rights and remedies.