Corporate Disputes

Efficient, Cost-Effective Resolutions for Ft. Lauderdale Businesses

The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. handles corporate-related claims for businesses, investors and other stakeholders in companies in Ft. Lauderdale and throughout the tri-county South Florida region. Our trial lawyers deliver comprehensive strategies that target your individual goals regarding the health of your investment and the ultimate success of your company. We remain mindful of the costs of litigation, timeline for reaching resolution, confidentiality of your business information and relationships you may want to preserve. 

Partnership Disagreements

A business can suffer when partners stop seeing eye-to-eye on primary aspects of running or expanding the company. Making the right moves early in the dispute can protect your investment and prevent irreparable division to your business. Our legal team evaluates the issues in dispute and your ultimate goals, and we devise a strategy accordingly. For example, litigation may be inappropriate if trial would mean depleting the business’s financial resources or causing a permanent rift in leadership. We may instead consider mediation to facilitate an agreement with fair terms for all partners with the best interests of the business in mind.

Partnership Dissolution

Most partnerships are secured by an agreement, but too often do not adequately address the terms should the entity dissolve. The disagreements that led to the dissolution in the first place can create challenging hurdles as the partners attempt to divide assets, allocate debts and decide on rights to trademarks and other complex matters. The division can be further complicated in situations in which the partner dies or the company’s solvency is compromised. Our law firm guides clients through the process of equitably dissolving a partnership, with protection of your investment as our primary focus.

If you are just starting a partnership, we can advise you on creating a partnership agreement that anticipates potential problems down the road. We draft terms that address dissolution at a time when the partners tend to be more cooperative.

Shareholder Claims

The board of directors owes shareholders the fiduciary duties of loyalty, care and faithfulness and may be held accountable for breaches of its obligations. Our lawyers consider whether the board upheld its duties when making financially adverse decisions involving mergers, acquisitions, debt and restructuring. We have the resources and knowledge to bring class action lawsuits against the company and board for devaluation of stock prices caused by a breach in fiduciary duties.

In addition, we also represent the interests of majority shareholders if the minority shareholder is making unreasonable demands. 

Protect Your Investment

Corporate disputes can put your investments at risk. To protect your investment and your company, consult with the Law Office of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys forge strategic resolutions to your disputes. Call (954) 462-8340 to schedule your free case assessment.