Internet Business Disputes

Assisting Online Companies with Regulatory and Contractual Compliance

Much of commerce has moved from brick and mortar buildings to the online community. The Internet forum relieves companies of the expenses associated with maintaining a physical address, but raises other unique challenges.

The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. represents Internet businesses involved in corporate disputes, breach of contract, regulatory compliance and other business matters related to Internet commerce. Our attorneys address such important matters as advertising, intellectual property, taxation, payment terms, privacy, incorporation and government regulations.

Payment Terms and Collection

An Internet-based business does not stand face-to-face with its customers or make a simultaneous exchange of goods for payment. In addition, the customer does not have the chance to personally examine the product being purchased. The blind sale of merchandise that is shipped days or weeks later makes Internet transactions highly susceptible to customer disputes. You can avoid problems by offering detailed descriptions and, if possible, photographs of the goods for sale and by clearly explaining the terms of sale and payment. When customers fail to pay, our firms help clients collect the funds they are entitled to.

If you are a customer who did not receive what you paid for, we can help you recover your money from the dealer.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

The instantaneous, sharing nature of the Internet makes online items prone to copyright infringement. Photographs and content are easy to cut and paste from one website to another and the data can quickly go viral. However, the online platform does not alter the rights of authors, photographers, artists and companies to their intellectual property.

Your work is copyright protected if it is an original idea expressed in a tangible form, such as text or images on a website page or blog. Likewise, your company’s registered trademark is protected on the Internet, just as it would be on a product package, label, billboard, print advertisement, television ad or other media. If you discover intellectual property infringement, our attorneys can:

  • Write a cease and desist letter to the infringer, which is often enough to stop continued violations
  • Pursue injunctive relief, including removal of the offending content from the Internet
  • Demand monetary compensation for damages caused to the reputation of your brand, the value of your work and loss of profits

Regulatory Matters

If your business is Internet-based, you must still comply with regulations concerning advertisements, commerce restrictions, sales taxes, consumer protections and other laws that may be complicated by your Internet presence. For example, if you do not accurately determine which state’s sales taxes apply, you may find yourself in arrears on taxes owed on sales to out-of-state customers. Likewise, you may be subject to federal and state laws when shipping certain items to other states — plants, produce, fresh-caught fish or craft beer, for instance. Our firm advises clients on remaining in compliance and defends businesses against civil actions taken by regulatory agencies.

Resolve Your Online Business Disputes

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