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Experienced Construction Law Counsel

The construction industry is booming; however, disputes may arise during the construction process that can delay completion, which ultimately increases your costs, negatively affects your profits and harms your business’s reputation.

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. represent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, materialmen and owners on both residential and commercial construction-related matters. Our Fort Lauderdale construction dispute attorney will review your case and attempt to resolve any disputes you have over construction liens, breach of contract, malpractice or fraud. Our firm knows that disputes are costly, and we will remain conscious of your litigation costs.

Construction Contract Disputes

The foundation of all construction projects is a contract. Every construction project involves agreements with engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians, suppliers, excavators and tradespeople. If one of these parties breaches their contract, it can delay the entire project. Our Fort Lauderdale construction dispute attorney will work to hold the violating parties accountable and to the agreement, pursuing all available remedies, including specific performance and monetary damages and injunctive relief.

If you have a valid reason for breaking a contract, we can present certain defenses, which may include unenforceability of terms, another party’s nonperformance, statutory prohibitions or force majeure.

Construction Lien Protection

Constructions liens attach to a piece of real property as a way to guarantee that you receive payment for your work. The lien is only released when the debtor pays the outstanding amount that is owed to you. If, however, the debtor sells the property, this lien must be satisfied and paid before the deed will transfer to a new owner.

Most construction projects have contractors that hire subcontractors, which can complicate labor and material payments. Under Florida law, subcontractors are required to give notice of liens to help prevent property owners from paying for the same items and services twice; this also extends further protection to the workers and businesses that are involved in the construction project.

Handling Construction Defect Claims

Construction defects decrease the value of the building, as well as the health, enjoyment and safety of the building’s occupants. Many construction defects are problems that remain hidden until a hurricane, inclement weather or simply time erodes the property and highlights these problems. Common construction defects include:

  • Foundation or concrete cracks
  • Roof and window leaks
  • Electrical, plumbing or mechanical issues
  • Not building to hurricane standards
  • Structural problems
  • Using inferior materials
  • Mold spurs and moisture retention
  • Building on volatile land or sinkholes
  • Deterioration of the ground or uneven grade

If a commercial property owner or a homeowner discovers construction defects during or after construction, they may have relief to help cover these expenses.

Malpractice and Fraud

Many construction issues may arise from negligence or incompetence. Still, serious defects may qualify as construction fraud if the contractor knew about the problem and knowingly attempted to cover it up. Additional remedies may be available if fraudulent actions are proven.

If a professional, such as an architect, engineer, insurance company or real estate breaker did not uphold their field’s proper standard of practice, you might commence a malpractice claim against them.

Protect Your Construction Investment

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman represent both commercial and residential property owners, contractors, building professionals and suppliers in a variety of construction disputes. Contact us to schedule a free evaluation with our Fort Lauderdale construction dispute attorney.


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