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Representing South Florida Businesses and Individuals

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. was established in 2004 by a lawyer with 15 years of experience and a determination to reach justice for South Florida residents. Our firm focuses exclusively on resolving complex commercial, civil, business and insurance disputes through mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals. Our dedicated lawyers represent South Florida corporations, individuals and governmental entities in Florida and federal courts and through private arbitration proceedings. 

Business Litigation Dispute Resolution

Our trial team takes on challenging matters related to a wide-range of complex business disputes. Because we are almost solely a litigation practice, our attorneys have the dynamic trial skills and confident knowledge in the law that makes us a formidable opponent in the courtroom. Precisely because of our confidence in our ability to present a successful case before jurors and judges, our lawyers recognize when settlement can produce the best results. We are strategic negotiators who never settle for an agreement that does not support the best possible remedy for your dispute.

Appellate Remedies

If a judicial error hurt your case, our appellate attorneys can pursue your legal remedies through appeal. We identify appealable issues and then develop a persuasive argument for reversing the judge’s decision. Our law firm can also draft a brief that argues in support of a judge’s decision in your favor about which the other side has filed an appeal.

Insurance Claims Advocacy

Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying and denying valid claims. Our insurance lawyers demand you receive the compensation for property damages you are entitled to under the terms of your business or homeowner’s insurance policy. Our goal is to recover the compensation you need to rebuild your home or get your business back on track as soon as possible.

Costs Flexibility and Transparency

Litigation can be costly; in some cases, the expense outweighs the reward. Our attorneys, therefore, calculate anticipated costs to litigate your case and recommend a course of action that takes anticipated costs and potential outcome into consideration. We will then commit to the costs upfront.

Each case is different and may be better suited for a particular type of payment arrangement. Thus, our law firm remains flexible about the manner in which we charge for our services. For example, our contingency fee plan allows you to pay attorneys’ fees when we recover your damages and, in the unlikely event we do not recover, relieves you of the obligation. The contingency arrangement takes financial pressure off you during litigation and gives you the confidence to pursue your legal remedies without concern about incurring a debt. You can also consult with us on an hourly basis, in which case you are charged for the time we spend on resolving your dispute.

Regardless of the payment arrangement we make, our attorneys remain mindful of costs. We make expenditure recommendations only after careful consideration if we believe the expense will benefit your case.

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The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. deliver comprehensive litigation, appeals and insurance negotiations services to residents and businesses throughout South Florida. Learn how we can help you resolve your dispute by calling our experienced Fort Lauderdale litigation law firm at (954) 462-8340. Your case assessment is free.