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Our Attorneys will Solve Your Legal Problems

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Experienced and Dependable South Florida Litigation Law Firm

Our Attorneys Will Solve Your Legal Problems

Established in 2004, the Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, P.A. have more than 16 years of experience helping residents of South Florida achieve justice in legal disputes. Focusing on complex commercial, business, insurance and civil disputes, we offer litigation, appeals, mediation and arbitration services. Our experienced team of attorneys represents individuals, corporations and government entities in the South Florida area both in federal courts in private arbitration proceedings.

COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims

If your business is facing a financial loss as a result of COVID-19 you should consider reviewing your insurance policies to determine whether you can file a claim due to losses sustained as a result of the coronavirus. Our practice is accepting loss of business income matters for businesses that have incurred damages associated with the coronavirus. In addition, we can help determine your CARE Act eligibility so your business can benefit from the federal stimulus program that was signed in law in March 2020. 

Business Litigation Dispute Resolution Services

Our trial attorneys handle a variety of complex and challenging business disputes. Our practice mostly handles litigation, which means that our attorneys have the knowledge and necessary experience to be a formidable courtroom opponent. We are well known for representing successful cases to both judges and jurors, and our attorneys can also recommend when settlements may produce the most favorable results. As strategic, top-level negotiators, we don’t settle for agreements that are not advantageous for our clients.

Insurance Claims

It is common for insurance companies to underpay or deny claims that are legitimate and valid. As advocates for insurance claims, our attorneys will work with insurance companies and demand that you receive the compensation you deserve, whether it’s a property damage claim for your business or personal residence. Our goal is to help you ultimately recover the compensation your policy entitles you to so you can rebuild your business or home and focus on your growing your future.

Appellate Remedies

If you had a case and a judicial error played a role in an unjust conviction, our appellate lawyers can help you pursue legal remedies through the appeal process. Our team will identify any appealable issues, then focus on developing a crafted, persuasive argument to help reverse the first judge’s decision. Our firm has experience in drafting briefs to help argue and support your case.

Payment Flexibility and Full Transparency

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman understand that litigation can be costly; there are many situations where these legal expenses far outweigh any rewards. Our team will calculate any anticipated litigation costs for your case, recommending a specific cost-effective course of action that weighs both the expense and the potential outcome. Unlike other attorney firms that bill on an hourly basis for these services, we will commit to our costs upfront so you can more accurately plan for these financial expenses.

While each legal case is different, we also understand that some types of cases are better suited for different payment arrangements. We are flexible about how we charge for our services and are open to contingency fee plans, which allows you only to pay our attorney fees if you recover damages. This type of contingency arrangement helps relieve you of financial pressure, allowing you to pursue your legal claim without incurring substantial debt. We also offer hourly consulting services, where we only charge you for the actual time we work on your case.

Regardless of the type of payment arrangements we make with our clients, our team remains committed to being mindful of all financial costs and believes in doing right by our clients - only providing the services that will benefit your case.

Contact Us and Learn More About Our Firm

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman focus on providing comprehensive litigation, insurance negotiation services and appeals to businesses and individuals throughout Fort Lauderdale in the greater South Florida area. We never charge for an initial case assessment, so contact us today and see how we can help you resolve your disputes.


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