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Established in 2004, the The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman provides experienced and effective counsel to residents of South Florida to achieve justice in legal disputes. Focusing on complex commercial, business, insurance and civil disputes, we offer litigation, appeals, mediation and arbitration services. Our experienced team represents individuals, corporations and government entities in the South Florida area in federal courts, in state courts and in private arbitration proceedings, as well as civil appeals.

Geoffrey Ittleman is an accomplished trial lawyer who has obtained favorable outcomes in hundreds of cases, including more than 90 published court decisions in trial and appellate cases in Florida and beyond. He has been selected to Super Lawyers and Fort Lauderdale Top Lawyers for his legal acumen, professional integrity and consistent results. He concentrates in the areas of business, commercial, and construction litigation; real estate and condo association litigation; insurance claims for commercial and residential property owners; and state and federal civil appeals.

Geoffrey regularly joins forces with attorney Omid Esmailzadegan in complex litigation to provide clients with additional problem-solving and firepower. Omid’s background in mediation, litigation and complex transactions helps us deliver sophisticated advocacy and solutions.

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A Boutique Litigation Practice

We are not a high-volume firm or settlement mill. Our philosophy is to take fewer cases and provide quality legal services to those clients. The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman does not have paralegals. Geoffrey personally meets with clients and does the work himself, from legal research and due diligence to motions, filings and appellate briefs. This approach not only streamlines the process but ensures that the critical details are correctly addressed.

We have many long-standing business clients and repeat customers who appreciate the one-on-one attention, the one-stop solutions and the confidence that we will achieve their goals and protect their interests.

Payment Flexibility And Full Transparency

At The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman, we understand that litigation can be costly; there are many situations where these legal expenses far outweigh any rewards. Our team will calculate any anticipated litigation costs for your case, recommending a specific cost-effective course of action that weighs both the expense and the potential outcome. Unlike other attorney firms that bill on an hourly basis for these services, we will commit to our costs upfront, so you can more accurately plan for these financial expenses.

While each legal case is different, we also understand that some types of cases are better suited for different payment arrangements. We are flexible about how we charge for our services and are open to contingency fee plans, which allow you only to pay our attorney fees if you recover damages. This type of contingency arrangement helps relieve you of financial pressure, allowing you to pursue your legal claim without incurring substantial debt. We also offer hourly consulting services, where we only charge you for the actual time we work on your case.

Regardless of the type of payment arrangements we make with our clients, our team remains committed to being mindful of all financial costs and believes in doing right by our clients – only providing the services that will benefit your case.

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The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman is focused on providing comprehensive litigation, insurance negotiation services and appeals to businesses and individuals throughout Fort Lauderdale in the greater South Florida area. We never charge for an initial case assessment, so contact us today at 954-546-7441 and see how we can help you resolve your disputes.