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Protecting The Rights Of Businesses And Homeowners In Real Estate Transactions

In Florida, most real estate conflicts reach a resolution through arbitration, as this is the clause contained in the majority of real estate contracts. However, if a breach of contract, fraud claim or dispute with a third party should arise, it may lead to litigation.

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman represents both sellers and buyers in residential and commercial property transactions and disputes. Our Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation lawyer is experienced in arbitration, mediation and litigation, crafting a strategy that leads to efficient real estate dispute resolutions.

Handling Escrow Disputes

During real estate transactions, it is common for the escrow company to hold the buyer’s funds and the seller’s real property deed until the transaction is completed when the money and deed are released. Escrow is in place to ensure that both parties abide by the real estate contract. Liens on the property, conflicting instructions, breach of contract and unclear title can complicate otherwise straightforward transactions. The escrow agent is required to retain the deed and all funds until any disputes are fully resolved.

Our Fort Lauderdale real estate litigation lawyer can review your case, taking swift steps to quickly resolve your escrow dispute, allowing you to take possession of your property or receive the funds through the sale of the property. Most real estate disputes can be resolved through arbitration and mediation to help save valuable time and money. However, if your case requires litigation, our attorneys can act and present your case in court.

Failure To Disclose Material Conditions

Often issues arise when sellers don’t disclosure material conditions or defects in the property, which they are required to do so by law. For example, if the seller has knowledge of a faulty foundation, toxic mold, or faulty wiring, they are required to disclose these items to the buyer. Our team can help determine whether the undisclosed condition is a material defect. We may attempt to release you from any contractual obligations to buy the property, demand that the seller repair the problem or provide you with monetary damages to cover the necessary costs of repairs.

Unpaid Commissions To Agents

Real estate brokers and agents earn commissions on the purchase and sales contracts they handle, negotiate and secure. If a buyer or seller refuses to pay the commission, this can cost the brokerage or agent thousands of dollars in lost income. Brokers and agents are entitled to the commissions they earn at closing, and our team recommends they pursue their claim before any funds are released from escrow.

Know Your Real Estate Rights

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman can help resolve complex real property disputes in South Florida. If you have an issue with your real estate transaction, call our Fort Lauderdale law office at 954-546-7441 or reach out online to arrange a free case evaluation.