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The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman represents companies and individuals in the Fort Lauderdale area in business contract disputes and fraud-related issues. Our highly experienced legal team helps clients enforce valid contracts or demand relief in the event of unfair or unenforceable agreements. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, business, consumer or employee, we can help pursue remedies to ensure that your interests are well-protected.

Violations Of Noncompete Agreements

In Florida, noncompete agreements must state a legitimate business purpose to be enforceable, which may include protecting a company’s:

  • Confidential information
  • Client, customer or patient relationships
  • Trade secrets
  • Reputation associated with a marketing area, geographic location or trademark
  • Investment in training employees

Florida does not allow employers to impose broad restrictions, such as a geographic or market location or specific duties that may impact an employee’s future job or career. However, what constitutes general terms varies, depending on the company and the employee’s position. A multinational corporation’s noncompete clause may cover a larger area than just the city of Fort Lauderdale. A high-level executive that has access to a company’s significant trade secrets could have a more restrictive noncompete agreement than an entry-level employee.

If you are an employee and have an overly restrictive noncompete agreement, our experienced Fort Lauderdale business contract attorney can review your restrictions and protect your right to work in your trade area. If you are a business or corporation and an employee has violated a reasonable noncompete agreement, we will ardently work to help protect your confidential information, trade secrets and investment by seeking legal contract enforcement.

Breach Of A Noncircumvent Agreement

During contract negotiations with potential investors or businesses, you may disclose relevant information. A noncircumvent agreement prohibits the other party from disclosing any confidential information or using this information to circumvent the agreement. Our attorneys will work to hold the other party to the terms in this contract, protecting your patents, trade secrets, business plan, copyrights, ideas, development, research and confidential information.

Intellectual Property Or Civil Theft

If your company’s trade secrets, trademarks, patents or copyrights are infringed upon, it can significantly negatively impact your company, reducing your intellectual property value and even diverting your profits to the infringer. Our attorneys can act quickly, taking prompt action to stop intellectual property theft, recovering monetary damages for you.

Fraudulent Inducement

If one party persuades the other to enter into a contract based on the misrepresentation of material facts, Florida’s laws state that this contract is voidable. This means that if you enter into and sign a contract because the other party omitted relevant facts or provided you with false information, you may have the legal right to cancel the contract and even pursue monetary damages.

Failure To Pay

If you deliver goods or perform a service based on a contract, you have the right to receive the compensation you negotiated. Our Fort Lauderdale business contract attorney can help you recover payment and the actions involved in obtaining what is owed to you, may include:

  • Writing a demand for payment letter to the other party
  • Filing a civil court lawsuit
  • Arguing your claim in arbitration or at trial
  • Mediating the claim to reach a settlement
  • Collecting on the outstanding judgment

We will provide you with detailed costs so you can determine if pursuing your claim is the best financial decision for your business.

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