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Assisting Online Companies With Legal, Contractual And Regulatory Compliance Issues

Many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have moved online or been replaced by internet companies. While online companies don’t have many of the customary expenses associated with maintaining a physical location, they do have a different set of challenges.

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman represents a variety of internet businesses that have corporate disputes, regulatory compliance matters and breach of contract issues that specifically relate to internet commerce. Our Fort Lauderdale internet lawyer can help address critical issues, such as intellectual property, advertising, payment terms, taxation, privacy policies and government and incorporation regulations.

Collections And Payments Terms

Internet-based businesses don’t allow customers to make in-person visits to exchange goods or provide payments. As such, the customer can’t physically examine the products they are buying. Because these blind sales are shipped days or even weeks after the customer makes their purchase, it makes them more susceptible to disputes. Internet companies must provide detailed descriptions and photographs, clearly stating their payment and sales terms. This way, if the customer fails to pay or disputes the charge, companies can better position themselves to collect any outstanding funds.

Additionally, if you are a customer and paid for a product or service that you never received, we can assist you in recovering your money from the internet company.

Trademark And Copyright Infringement

The internet allows for instant sharing, which makes items more prone to copyright infringement. Content and photographs are easy to copy and paste from one site to another, some even going viral. However, what many people don’t realize is that online platforms don’t alter the rights of photographers, authors, companies and artists, which still own their intellectual property.

If you express an original idea in a tangible form, your work is copyright protected, which includes images or text on a blog or website page. Your company’s registered trademark is also protected online, just as it would be in print on a label, product package, print advertisement, billboard, TV advertisements or other media form. If your intellectual property has been infringed our, our Fort Lauderdale internet lawyer can:

  • Write a cease and desist letter, which usually stops continued violations
  • Pursue injunctive relief in court, which involves removing the offending online content
  • Present a monetary demand for compensation for any damages caused to your brand or reputation, loss of profits and the value of your work

Regulatory Issues And Matters

If you have an internet-based business, you are still required to comply with traditional regulations that pertain to advertisements, sales tax, commerce restrictions, consumer protections and any other laws that relate to internet presence and marketing. You must also accurately determine which type of Florida sales taxes apply, or you could easily owe taxes on sales to out-of-state customers. You may also be subject to state and federal laws when shipping to specific states, which primarily impacts produce, fresh fish, plants or even craft beer. Our firm can help advise internet businesses about compliance issues, defending companies against any civil action claims pursued by regulatory agencies or governing bodies.

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