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Helping South Florida Businesses Recover Funds

Businesses expect to receive payment for the products they sell and the services they provide. Unfortunately, collecting debts owed can be a very time-consuming and costly process. Additionally, if you fail to take the necessary steps promptly, you may not recover all the debts owed.

As an aggressive South Florida litigation firm, The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman will take quick, decisive action to help recover any outstanding funds owed to creditors.

Collecting On Outstanding Debts

After our Fort Lauderdale commercial collection attorney analyzes your claim, we offer a customized strategy that best highlights a course of action to help you recover debt repayment. Our team will consider a variety of case factors, such as income earned by the debtor and the value of any assets owned, the legal costs to pursue the claim and the likelihood of securing a judgment in your favor. Depending upon your case’s specific circumstances, a lawyer may pursue debt collection through:

  • Demand letter – This is a letter from a Fort Lauderdale creditors rights lawyer demanding that the debtor make full payment promptly.
  • Arbitration – We often arbitrate debt cases to ensure a quick, inexpensive alternative to costly litigation.
  • Settlement – If possible, our attorneys may be able to negotiate an agreement with a payment schedule.
  • Litigation – If needed, we can recommend when we should take your case to trial.

Methods For Collecting Debts Owed

Once a judgment is obtained through litigation or arbitration, we can use several different methods to collect the debt, including:

  • Garnishing the debtor’s wages
  • Investigating assets that the debtor owns
  • Asking the court to issue an order of compliance
  • Filing a lien against any real property they own
  • If appropriate, pursuing repossession or eviction

Creditors’ Legal Rights In Bankruptcy Proceedings

If the debtor that owes you money files for bankruptcy, the court is required to send you a notice. You will then only have a very short time to assert your rights.

Geoffrey Ittleman will fight for repayment of debts owed to you and will attend a 341 meeting to assert your claims in either a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. Depending upon the type of debt owed, we may be able to get you priority rights or reaffirm debt payment collection based on the debtor’s collateral. We will attempt to negotiate fair payment under a bankruptcy repayment plan. Our team will analyze the debtor’s assets, financial information and any other tactics they may use to avoid paying on the outstanding judgment.

Helping Clients Recover Outstanding Business Debts

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman helps businesses pursue collection for outstanding debts. If someone owes you a debt, call us today at 954-546-7441 or contact us online to schedule a free evaluation and our experienced attorney will discuss all the available options for your case.