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Cost-Effective Resolution Of Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman provides legal advocacy for corporate-related claims involving businesses, stakeholders or investors in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Our experienced dispute attorneys will develop a comprehensive strategy to target your goals and increase your company’s chances of success. Our team remains mindful of litigation costs, resolving issues promptly, preserving your business’ confidentiality and helping maintain any working relationships that are valuable for future endeavors.

Partnership Disputes

If business partners stop agreeing on how to run or expand a company, the business can ultimately suffer. Addressing a dispute early on can help prevent irreparable damage and protect your investment. Our Fort Lauderdale business dispute attorney will evaluate the dispute issues, your goals and develop a custom legal strategy to remedy the situation. We can analyze many issues, including if litigation would deplete the financial resources of the business or cause permanent damage between partnership members. Some disputes are better going to mediation, with all parties agreeing on fair terms that best benefit business interests.

Dissolving A Partnership

An agreement creates most business partnerships, but sometimes this agreement doesn’t address what happens if the business dissolves. If disagreements lead to dissolution, this can create several challenges, especially when partners need to allocate debts, divide assets and decide on other complex issues, such as trademark divisions. Dissolutions can be further complicated when a partner dies, or the company’s solvency becomes compromised. A Fort Lauderdale business dispute attorney can help guide you through equitably dissolving your partnership while focusing on protecting your investment.

If you are considering entering into a business partnership, consult with one of our attorneys to help advise and draft a comprehensive partnership agreement that addresses any potential problems that may arise in the future. Our team will include dissolution terms in the partnership, which is highly beneficial when partners are cooperating.

Shareholder Claims And Disputes

The board of directors of a company owes its shareholders several fiduciary duties, including faithfulness, care and loyalty. They may even be held legally accountable if they breach these vital obligations. Our team can help review whether a board upholds their duties when they make financial decisions that are adverse, which may include debt, acquisitions, restructuring and mergers. If necessary, a Fort Lauderdale business dispute attorney can bring a class-action lawsuit against a business and its board for breaching these fiduciary duties and devaluing stock prices. We also have experience representing majority shareholders if minority shareholders make unreasonable demands related to the business.

Protect Your Business Investment

Corporate disputes put your hard-earned work and valuable investments at risk. The Law Offices of Geoffrey D. Ittleman can help protect your company and investments. Call us today at 954-546-7441 or email us to schedule your free case assessment.